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It's all about volume with shortboard performance...

Made to make the most out of dismal surf conditions, you can catch more waves while maintaining performance. The a-bomb is ridden 4 to 6 inches shorter and 1 to 2 inches wider than your normal dimensions. It’s crazy how versatile the super fast and fun a-bomb design is.

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Suitable Skill Level

Pro - Intermediate


D'Arcy Surfboards ~ 5'5 A-Bomb ~

"I contacted Darc towards the end of last Winter to get a summer board shaped up. I wanted something to be more of a step down to my regular performance shortboard (5'9 Pit Pro). Considering the waves on offer in South Aus are small during summer. I needed a board to be able to perform in slop, race over flat sections, and be able to have enough curve to fit in those tight little summer pockets.
After chatting to Darc he whipped up a sled
which I've now been riding for a couple of months throughout summer. I ride it as a thruster, and it accelerates quickly off the take-off, making it easy to surf straight into the pocket and even above the lip. The looseness to control ratio is perfect and gives a really high performance "electric" feel throughout rail transitions. That's everything I asked for in a small wave board.

As always I'm stoked to talk to an actual shaper about what I would like to feel in a board and have a complete sense of trust that I'm getting what I want in a surfboard.

On another note, all my boards are built to last and they really do. As someone who is heavy-footed, my boards normally cave in on the deck if I purchase a "mass-produced" board off the shelf. However, every D'Arcy I've ever had has lasted years and been strong, and durable whilst also being super lightweight at the same time. I find that really important because it essentially means the board will last longer, perform better, and when I am finished with it I can pass it on to somebody else instead of being put into landfill."

Cheers for the best boards legend,