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Custom Orders

How It Works

To custom order a board you need to follow some simple steps, go the the Boards page, start with the model you want. Once you have chosen your new board and sent through the order, we will contact you to check your order.

Please note: If you are interested in something unique please contact us directly  Contact Us for more information and a quote.

Here are a few helpful hints when designing your board:

Size / Width / Thickness

All our models and the available sizes have been optimised to suit varied sizes of surfer and wave combination.


As a result of years of manufacturing and testing new technologies we find the best options are as follows:

PU (Polyurethane) is the most common technology being used and it’s what you’ll find a majority of surfers riding. It’s durable, reliable and the least expensive option.

EPS (Extruded Polystyrene) is an epoxy technology which allows greater buoyancy from a lighter blank but still retains the strength properties of a standard PU blank and hence is becoming more widely used.

Future Flex is a flex technology utilising a combination of carbon rails, EPS blanks and epoxy resins. Fast and responsive, this is my personal small wave choice.

Carbon Patches

Carbon fibre strips placed under the back foot on the rails of the board will protect your rails and add to the flex return in the tail, strengthening heel and toe points.


Standard: (4x4x4) Layer of 4oz cloth on the bottom and two layers on the top.

This is what we recommend and is most widely used. By utilizing high end materials we get a responsive, light yet durable board.

: (6x4x6) Layer of 6oz cloth on the bottom and a layer of 4oz and 6oz on the top.
This is for the bigger guy and the bigger waves.

Ultra light
: (4x4 + toe) Layer of 4oz cloth on the bottom and top with a 4oz toe patch.

This is for the grommets and pro’s.

All EPS glassing comes in varied layups according to design aspects.


We love fin systems and experimenting is fun. Not only are they great for traveling but you can enhance the performance of your board by changing the size or number of your fins which will allow you to surf a greater range of waves. We offer a fantastic range of fins here on our website. Fixed fins are another option usually for the heavier guy or bigger waves.

Fin Configuration

1 Fin: The single fin stands alone. Stylish and cool

2 Fin: Twins and keels. Smooth speed.

3 Fin: Is the most common configuration. The rail fins help create speed, while the centre fin gives you drive and stability.

4 Fin: Quad fins are fast and loose. Eliminating the drag of the third fin of the thruster. The quad maintains effortless speed through turns and in the barrel.

5 Fin: The 5 plug system gives the surfer the option to ride a thruster or a quad when the conditions allow. As a thruster in steeper, faster waves and as a quad in sloppy, weak, gutless waves.

Driver Fin: I developed the driver fin to eliminate the small percentage of drift whilst initiating a turn riding quad set-ups. Click here to purchase it!


Each model has a range of tail options which we recommend sticking to as these are designed to enhance the performance of the board.

Logo Position

Check the logo position below to see the three options you can choose from. 


Tints and prints available.

P.O.A. on all hand done art.

Please choose one of the dollar amounts on the drop down menu that suits your budget for board art and we can customise your design to suit your budget.

For some interesting information to help you fully understand the anatomy of a surfboard click here.