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Mid-length Magic


The Mid-length Magic is a mid-length shape usually between 6'8 - 7'6 forced into riding a bigger board through injury.I made a flat rocker (easy paddle) super hull (easy turn) 7'2 x 21'1/2" x 2'5/8 round tail single . inspired by the Wayne Lynch evolution model. It not only got me back in the water but also had me frothing on the free feeling. The connection to the power of the wave and the easy control in all size waves is amazing. I've been working on different fin systems twins, twinzers with channels. I first call it my Mid Length Crisis but after some customers call it their magic board I renamed it The Mid Length Magic. So fast and effortless to paddle.

*All board prices based on clear white boards

Made To Order - approx 4-6 weeks

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